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Which version of SharePoint is installed?

Recently one of my client was asking me which version of SharePoint they have installed. I looked at features and told them it is SharePoint 2013 Enterprise. Then few days later the came back said we are getting this error. Sorry, something went wrong. An unexpected error has occurred. TECHNICAL DETAILS Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Correlation ID: Correlation ID Date and Time: They were complaining as you said we have SharePoint Enterprise but now we are getting error messages of SharePoint foundation :) If you are in similar situation best way to check which version of SharePoint edition is install:
  • Open Regedit
  • Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\15.0\WSS\InstalledProducts
  • Compare the guids with these:
C5D855EE-F32B-4A1C-97A8-F0A28CE02F9C -- SharePoint Server 2013 CBF97833-C73A-4BAF-9ED3-D47B3CFF51BE -- SharePoint Server 2013 Preview B7D84C2B-0754-49E4-B7BE-7EE321DCE0A9 -- SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise 298A586A-E3C1-42F0-AFE0-4BCFDC2E7CD0 -- SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Preview D6B57A0D-AE69-4A3E-B031-1F993EE52EDC -- Microsoft Office Web Apps Server 2013 9FF54EBC-8C12-47D7-854F-3865D4BE8118 -- SharePoint Foundation 2013 35466B1A-B17B-4DFB-A703-F74E2A1F5F5E -- Project Server 2013 BC7BAF08-4D97-462C-8411-341052402E71 -- Project Server 2013 Preview Reference : http://www.thesysadminhimself.com/2013/01/identify-sharepoint-2013-foundation-or.html msdn Link : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj659075.aspx If you need help with your Sharepoint  please drop us an email admin@sharepoint.Dynamics 365 Solutions.com or contact us. If you like this post please click LIKE and visit my sponsors thanks !!

SharePoint Critical Error Object doesn’t support property

In this post i am going to explain how to solve this critical error message Object doesn’t support property of method ‘addEventListener’. Scenario : There has been a critical error while processing the info path forms when we upgraded to IE 11. Error Message: Click Start Over to load a new copy of the form.  If this error persists, contact the support team for the Web site. Click Close to exit this message. Object doesn’t support property of method ‘addEventListener’
Critical Error Object doesn’t
Critical Error Object doesn’t

How to merge Power Point presentations on SharePoint.

In this article, i am going to explain how you can merge different Power Point presentations into one presentation using slide library of SharePoint 2010. Step 1: Create Slide Library
  • How to create slide library:
To create a Slide Library, you need to have at least Designer permissions.
  1. On the Site Actions menu , click Create.
  2. Under Libraries, click Slide Library.
NOTE    Slide Libraries can be created in only certain types of sites, such as a Team site and Document Workspace. If you do not see Slide Library under Libraries, the type of site you are working on does not support Slide Libraries.
  1. On the New page, under Name, type a name for the library. The name appears in any navigation links that you set up.
  2. Under Description, type an optional description.
  3. Click Create.

Recommended Capacity Planning for SharePoint 2010

In this post I am going to explain recommended about capacity planning for SharePoint 2010. First I would like to give you some relevant pieces of information.
  • A site collection can be moved to another content database.
  • A single site collection is connected to a single content database.
  • You can set the content database status to offline to prevent new site collections being connected to such a content database.

How to use Windows Azure Access Controls Services Authentication with SharePoint 2010

In this article i am going to explain how we can use windows Azure access controls services authenticaiton with SharePoint 2010. By using windows Azure access control services authentication we can connect to Sharepoint 2010 with federated Live ID, Google ID, and Facebook ID.  This is lengthy guide so bear with me, i am going explain all step by step. (more…)


Warning: InfoPath Forms Services forms cannot be filled out in a Web browser

In this post i am going to explain how to resolve this warning message.
Warning: InfoPath Forms Services forms cannot be filled out in a Web browser because no State Service connection is configured. This error occurs when there is no service connection for state service is configured.
SharePoint Configuration
SharePoint Configuration

How to Check Current Version of SharePoint 2010

In this post i am going to explain three methods, how we can check current installed version of SharePoint 2010. Method 1: Through SharePoint 2010 Central Administration:
  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration
  2. Click on the link for System Settings
  3. Click the link for Manage Servers in This Farm
  4. Look at the Configuration Database Version field
Sharepoint 2010 Central Admin
Configuration Database Version

How to Import Export a SharePoint Subsites

I found three useful methods, which you can use to import or export SharePoint Subsites.

Method 1: Import/Export  SharePoint Subiste by using STSADM

The STSADM tool commands :

  1. Import Command: STSADM -0 Import
  2. Export Command: STSADM -o Export.
  3. Backup Entire Site Collections : STSADM -o Backup
  4. Restore Entire Collection: STSADM -o Restore