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Recommended Capacity Planning for SharePoint 2010

In this post I am going to explain recommended about capacity planning for SharePoint 2010. First I would like to give you some relevant pieces of information.
  • A site collection can be moved to another content database.
  • A single site collection is connected to a single content database.
  • You can set the content database status to offline to prevent new site collections being connected to such a content database.

How to Import Export a SharePoint Subsites

I found three useful methods, which you can use to import or export SharePoint Subsites.

Method 1: Import/Export  SharePoint Subiste by using STSADM

The STSADM tool commands :

  1. Import Command: STSADM -0 Import
  2. Export Command: STSADM -o Export.
  3. Backup Entire Site Collections : STSADM -o Backup
  4. Restore Entire Collection: STSADM -o Restore