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What is Dynamics 365

What Is Dynamics 365 And Why Does It Matter Or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Everything You Need to Know

Dynamics 365

Microsoft planned to combine both of their CRM and ERP in a single frame. They launched it in July 2016 under the codename ‘Madeira’.

Microsoft planned to manage Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Financials, Field Service, Project Service Automation and Marketing through this Dynamic 365. The main goal of this Dynamics 365 is to provide better customer engagement, Empowering employees, Operations optimization and Reinventing products and business models.


Dynamics CRM Connector

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM integration

If your organization has limited IT expertizes and want to grow up with the latest technology with big data, Microsoft is here to assist your organization. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV will assist your organization to process world of big data. You will see all of your customer and enterprise datasets in a single frame. You can easily work with anything you want.

Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV are almost same system. CRM is used in the production side and NAV is used in the customer side as an ERP system. Let’s have a look at the two systems,



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Videos

As you all know Microsoft has released new version of Dynamics CRM which is CRM 2015. Microsoft team has compiled few videos to give users better idea what new features are available in new release, all these videos are available on youtube channel of Dynamics CRM


Setup and Upgrade New Features



KB2600640 is not installed on this computer in CRM 2011

Recently i was applying rollup 17 updates to Dynamics CRM 2011 server and i got this error message while installation of SRS Data Connector for reporting services. “KB2600640 is not installed on this computer in CRM 2011”.

Basically it complains about installing the Update Rollup 6. My rollup update version for SRS data connector was older than Rollup 6 and i have to install rollup updates 6 before to install rollup updates 17.



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Update Rollups for Dynamics CRM 2011

Below is a list of Dynamics CRM Build and Version numbers as a quick reference.

VersionBuild NumberRelease Date (DD/MM/YYYY)KB Articles:SDK Version
Update Rollup 105.00.9688.104507/04/2011KB2466084
Update Rollup 205.00.9688.115506/06/2011KB2466086
Update Rollup 305.00.9688.124426/07/2011KB25473475.0.5
Update Rollup 405.00.9688.145019/09/2011KB2556167
Update Rollup 505.00.9688.153320/10/2011KB25674545.0.7
Update Rollup 605.00.9689.1985
Update Rollup 705.00.9690.216522/03/2012KB26006435.0.10
Update Rollup 805.00.9690.224303/05/2012KB2600644
Update Rollup 9Cancelled
Update Rollup 1005.00.9690.2730
Update Rollup 1105.00.9690.2835
Critical Update for Update Rollup 1105.00.9690.29037/26/2013KB2855319
Update Rollup 12
(OnPremise / v2)
CRM Online “Polaris” (UR12+)05.00.9690.323313/01/2013N/A5.0.14
Update Rollup 1305.00.9690.344803/26/2013KB27913125.0.15
Update Rollup 1405.00.9690.355707/13/2013KB28497445.0.16
Update Rollup 1505.00.9690.373110/08/2013KB28435715.0.17
Update Rollup 15 v25.0.9690.373910/08/2013KB28435715.0.17
Update Rollup 1605.00.9690.391122/01/2014KB28723695.0.17
Update Rollup 175.0.9690.415012/05/2014KB29156875.0.17


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Enabling Dynamics CRM 2011 Auditing

In Dynamics CRM auditing can be enable at three levels; organisation, entity and field. To enable auditing on entity level, auditing should be enable on organisation level first. Same case is with field level auditing, it should be enable first at entity level.

Entity Level Auditing Warning:

If auditing is not enable at organisation level, you will get following warning message under Data Service section.



Dynamics CRM 2011 serious problems when disabling business unit

Any business unit other than root business unit can be disabled in CRM 2011. This is done when you no need of this business unit anymore. Before disabling a business unit please consider this problems.

  1. When you disable a business unit, it not only disable this business but also disables all its child business units as well.
  2. The user who are assigned to these business units will also be disabled and they will not be able to login Dynamics CRM. However these user will still exist in CRM and their license will not be revoked.
  3. You cannot assign users to disable business unit.
  4. Same case with child business units, they cannot be assigned to disabled business unit.
  5. When you disable business unit, no data associate to business unit will be deleted.  (more…)

Dynamics CRM 2011 Record Count Limit

In this post i am going to explain, how you can change default record count limit for views. When you run any saved view or create new view, it shows you maximum record count 5000. If there are more than 5000 records then record count shows you 5000+ records but you are not still sure how many exactly records are stored in CRM.

In one of my previous posts i explained how you can get record count by exporting your view data into excel spread sheet  . But there are still limitations, Dynamics CRM 2011 does not allow you to export more than 50k records into spread sheet. If your records are less than 50k probably you can use this method or fellow the steps to change record count limit.