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Error SharePoint Designer does not support editing non-SharePoint sites

Some error messages look complex but some time simple solution can fix it. In this article i am going to explain one of the simple solutions which worked for me to fix SharePoint Designer Error when Designer was complaining, it does not support editing non-SharePoint site.

It happened after installing SharePoint Designer 2010 when i was trying to open a SharePoint 2010 Team Site. The exact error message was: “Microsoft SharePoint Designer does not support editing non-SharePoint sites.” 

Microsoft’s KB describes a way to fix this, but I had already performed the step in this KB through SharePoint 2010 Central Admin. but error message persisted in SharePoint Designer 2010.

Guess What fixed the issue? Simply closing SharePoint Designer and then reopening it :)

SharePoint Designer Error




Error Unable to open site in SharePoint Designer 2010

In this post i am going to explain few reasons, why SharePoint 2010 designer cannot open SharePoint 2010 site.
  1. First make sure, you have permission to open site in SharePoint designer 2010.

To check this go to SharePoint 2010 central administration website then go to general application settings then click SharePoint designer. Select the web application that is hosting your site collection and make sure SharePoint Designer is enabled.

2.  Second thing is client integration should be enable for your web application, which is hosting your site collection.

To enable client integration follow these steps.
  • Go to central administration> security then click specify authentication provider;
  • Select web application which is hosting you site collection which you want to edit using SharePoint designer 2010 and click 'Default' below the 'Zone'
  • Select the select 'Yes' radio button in the Client Integration section and hit the Save button.
  • Close your SharePoint Designer 2010, if it is already open and try to open your desired SharePoint 2010 site.
Site should open successfully now :)