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How To Get Total Record Count in CRM Dynamics 2011

When you write an advanced find query in Microsoft CRM Dynamics you would like to know total number of records count. The view shows you only maximum of 250 records at a time. In MS CRM 2011 on bottom of page view, it displays 5000+ count sign if records are greater than 5000 but you cannot find exact count.

There are two approaches you can get exact count of records.

Export to Excel: Write your view in CRM Dynamics then from view, click Export Data to Excel. After exporting data in CRM Dynamics you can scroll right bottom of the excel file to get total number of records or use the Excel function ROWS(array).

Note: There is a 10000 records export download default limit, If you would like to increase this limit please check my article “How to Increase the Maximum Records exported to Excel from CRM Dynamics

Report Wizard :

The second method to display total records count in CRM dynamics is  built in reports wizard. You can make available this report in CRM entity’s view or form record. I think this approach is more easy and recommended.

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CRM Dynamics Advance Find and Create Views

In this post i am going to explain how to create advance find and save these complex advance find queries into views, so that you can reuse them in future.

Advance find can be used to search for records with certain criteria you choose.

With Microsoft Dynamic you look your data in different ways by using views. System views provide a predefined view of each record type. For example this view shows active contacts.

Please note i am explaining advance find using CRM Dynamics 4 according to my customise environment, it might be little bit different as compare to your system but the concept is same.

CRM Dynamics Advance Find and Create Views

CRM Advance Find