Dynamics CRM 2011 Record Count Limit

Dynamics CRM 2011 Record Count Limit

In this post i am going to explain, how you can change default record count limit for views. When you run any saved view or create new view, it shows you maximum record count 5000. If there are more than 5000 records then record count shows you 5000+ records but you are not still sure how many exactly records are stored in CRM.

In one of my previous posts i explained how you can get record count by exporting your view data into excel spread sheet  . But there are still limitations, Dynamics CRM 2011 does not allow you to export more than 50k records into spread sheet. If your records are less than 50k probably you can use this method or fellow the steps to change record count limit.

Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to your CRM database instance and run the following script :



Update DeploymentProperties
Set IntColumn= -1
Where ColumnName=’TotalRecordCountLimit’
-1 will reset the limit but you can also set any limit you want.  May be you have to reset IIS but in my case i just had to wait for few minutes and it was showing total record count in Dynamics CRM 2011 for every view.
Dynamics CRM 2011 Record Count Limit
CRM 2011 Record Count
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