What Is Dynamics 365 And Why Does It Matter Or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Everything You Need to Know

What is Dynamics 365

What Is Dynamics 365 And Why Does It Matter Or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Everything You Need to Know

Dynamics 365

Microsoft planned to combine both of their CRM and ERP in a single frame. They launched it in July 2016 under the codename ‘Madeira’.

Microsoft planned to manage Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Financials, Field Service, Project Service Automation and Marketing through this Dynamic 365. The main goal of this Dynamics 365 is to provide better customer engagement, Empowering employees, Operations optimization and Reinventing products and business models.

What Is Dynamics 365 And Why Does It Matter  Or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Everything You Need to Know  

1.     Sales

If you or your company are thinking about setting up a new system like Dynamics 365, at first you have to think whether it will increase your sales or not. You are lucky that you choose Dynamics 365 and it will not disappoint you. Let’s see how it will increase your sales,

·         Easily connect with your customers

Sharing a single database, you can easily reach your customers and be informed as well as prepared for every sales interaction. You will be able to create a transparent relationship with your customer and observe demographic data, emails, sales orders, shared documents and more details from any device and anywhere in the world.

·         Increase your sales productivity

Dynamics 365 will increase your sales by increasing sales productivity. It has lots of very powerful workflows that will make your system very faster. You can create email notification, lead scoring and intelligence driven alert using these workflows.

·         Actionable insights

You have so many competitors in your business market. Have you anything powerful to beat your competitors, quickly spots issues, helps you to take decision quickly?  Are your sales focusing on the right leads? You don’t require different tools to fulfill these different purposes. If you have Dynamics 365 you have everything. It has a very powerful feature called ‘insights’.

You can access real time information, quick address issues, see which leads are paying off, where deals are getting stuck and who is meeting their quotas with real time visibility into your sales and find out which products are selling. You can easily configure your dashboard and drill down into more detail of information.

·         Personal engagement

You can share meeting notes, events, and documents within your teams with real-time coauthoring. You can use OneNote within the sales management software to take notes and share it with your team.

·         Sales performance

You have insights in your handJ that means you have everything in your hand. You can show statistical data to your sales team and motivate them easily which will increase your sales a lot.

2.     Customer Service

Your business runs over your customer. So, you have to take very much care about your customers and always try to improve your customer services. To, make you customers satisfied, you have to do following three things,

·         Create consistency and loyalty:

You have to provide your service exactly as expected by the customer. You can create personalize service to make all of your customers satisfied and offer them relevant services they require. Also, you always have to be proactive to find out your customer’s issue and resolve them as quickly as possible.

·         Make your agent’s job easier

Machine learning and data mining are very growing topic of today. So, if your agent is like a machine, you have to make them well trained from previous customer history. You can give them as much access as possible so that they can learn customer’s behavior and needs very clearly and make decision quickly.

·         Get an adaptive engine

Market and customers are changing every day and you have to change your services with them. You can easily improve your services using latest technologies like agile or cloud based services. Try to use customization as much as possible and try to minimize navigation as much as possible.

So, these are very necessary to make your customer satisfied. But, it’s not that much easy to maintain all these by yourself. You need an assistant to improve your customer services. Dynamics 365 is your assistantJ. Let’s see, how it helps you to make your customer service better,

1.       Live Chat: Dynamics 365 provide you live chat options with your customer which make your service far better that emailing system.

2.       Self-service: It’s easy for your customer to find out answer on their own instead of asking someone. It will save their time as well.

3.       Unified experience: Your agents can manage customer service from one place of their desktop or mobile device other than using help-desk software.

4.       Knowledge base: Dynamics 365 provides you searchable knowledge base system. Your customer can easily search their required information from this knowledge base system as well as share their experience.

5.       Digital Intelligence: You can give better service to a customer if you have all the information of him/her. Dynamics 365 provides you an interactive dashboard and data visualization that help you pull insights from your metrics, making it easier to identify trends and anticipate opportunities.

3.     Operations

“Microsoft technology runs our business. Dynamics 365 for Operations provides the backbone infrastructure for the Renault Sport Formula One team, supporting everything from design to manufacturing to our success on the race track.”

Cyril Abiteboul

Managing Director, Renault Sport Racing

reference: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/operations 

Operation is another vital part of your organization. Dynamics 365 will help you in your operations as follows,

1.       Warehousing: Dynamics 365 will help your operations by automating your warehouse process to reduce operational costs.

2.       Transportation: You will be able to get global transportation-planning and freight reconciliation. For manufacturing, distribution and retail companies, this helps you to provide the right customer experience at the right price. Moreover, Your business leaders and your IT leaders will gain visibility and control with a user-configurable rating structure.

3.       Budget planning: Make budgeting easier by giving your budget managers easy-to-use tools. A wizard helps them create budget plan worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel. And at review and approval time, they automatically route their budget plans with worksheets, justifications, and attachments.

4.       POS system: Give your sales associates what they need to provide personalized customer service. This enterprise resource planning software delivers rich clienteling, real-time inventory lookup, back-office capabilities, and consolidated purchase data—for the right information at the right time.

5.       Demand forecasting: Create more accurate demand forecasts to improve your products’ availability and minimize your inventory costs. The tool uses Microsoft SQL Server forecasting algorithms, Microsoft Excel visualizations, and Dynamics 365 for Operations models—for forecasts you can count on.

6.       E-commerce: Provide better shopping experiences to your customers with integrated e-commerce and social media capabilities. Build campaigns and engage your customers through their social media channels of choice—Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

4.     Financials

Finance is one of the most vital parts of an organization. You have to take very care of your finance if you want to gain profit from your organization. To make your finance strong, you can choose Dynamics CRM to perform your financial activities through it. Let’s see, how you will be benefited from it,

1.       Quoting, invoicing, + payment: Dynamics 365 will help you to create your personalized sales quotes and convert them into professional invoices without from your outlook. It will automatically process payments and reconcile bank accounts-easily identifying past-due accounts to expedite collections.

2.       Purchasing + inventory management: It will simplify your supply chain management with dynamically updated inventory levels and automated ordering and data-driven forecasting. Built-in predictive intelligence will help you forecasting sales while monitoring open orders and  tracking vendor lead ties to reduce out-f-stocks.

3.       Reporting + analytics: It will improve your overall financial management with a complete picture of your financial data across accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, and customer accounts. Get better outcomes by empowering your employees with connected processes, predictive analytics, and real-time data.

5.     Field Service

Another important part of your organization is Field Service. To run your organization successfully, you have to take care about your field service. Dynamics 365 will help you to do that. Let’s see how it does,

1.       Optimized scheduling: Dynamics 365 will provide tools to help your team schedule appointments and dispatch the right resources. Field Service includes tools for service representatives and dispatchers—plus an automated tool that schedules appointments for them—so it’s easy to fit more appointments into the day.

2.       Service agreements: It will make it easy to manage all service agreements, including recurring service calls and contracts, installed products, and warranties—across customers and locations. Field service management tools help improve your service delivery and see ways to increase revenue.

3.       Inventory management: It will give your team everything it needs to manage your inventory across locations, including warehouses, depots, and trucks. Real-time updates mean your inventory is always accurate, so you can better track your service stock for fewer write-offs, and create better forecasts.

4.       Mobile productivity: It will improve your technicians’ productivity by providing native mobile applications with real-time and offline data. No matter which device they use, they have the customer information and guidance they need right there. And administrators can manage all users and devices centrally.

5.       Connected devices: It will lower costs by dispatching technicians only when they’re needed. Field service management tools help your team detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely. And connected devices in the field help them see—and solve—problems before customers even know about them.

6.       Customer communications: It will put your customers at the center of every interaction. Using the customer portal, plus interoperability with Glympse and Twilio APIs, you can give them a complete view of their cases, a live map and photo of their technician en route, and updates by text message and phone call.

6.     Project Service Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you to automate your project service. Let’s see how it does,

1.       Solution selling: Dynamics 365 will give your business development team a single place to access sales force automation services and social insights that make every conversation relevant and productive. The team also can collaborate within the app on pursuits and proposals using a client-centric approach.

2.       Project planning: It will make it easy for your sales and project managers to collaborate on estimates using templates. For professional services automation, this app also links to Microsoft Project, with its scheduling and management strength, to improve your project planning from estimation to completion.

3.       Resource scheduling: It will unify resourcing and scheduling, so your managers assign the best consultants to each project based on their skills, availability, and interest. This optimizes your resources across project service, customer service, and field service—and increases your consultants’ job satisfaction.

4.       Mobile productivity: It will give your team access to powerful and easy-to-use mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. With these apps, team members can select projects, update skills, manage schedules, enter time and expenses, and collaborate using Office 365 anytime, anywhere for higher productivity.

5.       Time + expenses: It will simplify time and expense management for your employees. Submitting information, assigning it to customers, approving it, and updating the project status are easy with desktop, web, and mobile apps. And configurable process flows ensure these tasks go smoothly at every step.

6.       Customer billing: It will give your project managers one location where they can review, override, and approve all job costs. They can generate, approve, and distribute customer invoices in email and on the web. And staying compliant is easier because our app works with your financial systems.

7.     Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important factors that can bring revolution to your organization by reaching your product to the all types of customers. You can sell your product and earn profit. Dynamics 365 will also help you for your marketing. For this purpose, Microsoft and Adobe are working together and running on Microsoft Azure.

To reach your clients, you have to analyze their choices, habits, tests etc. Microsoft Power BI and Azure Machine learning will help you doing so. They will provide a clear pictorial view of your customers and their needs which can make revolution to your product selling.


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