5. To access Quick Access Toolbar, click on CRM tab and then choose your options from the Quick Access Toolbar

Know about Dynamics CRM app for Outlook

Are you an Outlook geek? Can’t you image anything but Outlook? No problem, Dynamics CRM brings Dynamic CRM for Outlook app for you. It provides similar interface of Outlook which will remove hassle of habituating with a new UI. CRM App for Outlook provides an interface which is more than just like tracking emails. You don’t have to download any software. Just add a plug-in from your CRM Account and start tracking emails, and finding records from your Dynamics CRM. In your Outlook client, you have access to full functionality and areas of CRM and CRM data. You also have some extra features and functionalities. You can easily manage your tasks from your Outlook client. Outlook is one of the most Gorgeous mail management servers. Many people are used to use only Outlook to manage their emails. Keeping in mind these users, Microsoft developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM app for Outlook. You can add contact and other activities by tracking them to CRM which will save your significant amount of time. Moreover, it automatically process re-typing data into a new record in CRM. Also, you can attach different types of articles with emails through Outlook. Recreating tasks, contacts, documents etc. to the CRM takes too much time. Through Dynamics CRM for Outlook, you can easily transfer your emails, contacts, documents and tasks from Outlook to your CRM. After transferring all these, you can again manage these from your Outlook. So, everything is at your hand.  :) (more…)