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Business Analysis and Design of Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Congratulations! :) Finally you feel interest on Microsoft Dynamic CRM! Great!!

Before going farther, we should know how Microsoft Dynamic CRM is related to business analysis and design.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a business solution to help developers, nurture contacts, track your sales and keep your customer happy :). So, it’s pretty much obvious that whenever you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you must think about the impact it will create on your business. You have to analyze how much business value it will add and then design your implementation accordingly.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a kind of research to identify the business need of a solution and determining its problems. You can go through the following steps for better understanding the business analysis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

1.       Chime with Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

In most cases, as a business analyst we are expected to dive into a project and start working as quickly as possible. Sometimes, project might be already started or we cannot understand what the project is and why it should exists. Sometimes, we face too much difficulty about understanding the project and as an analyst it’s our job to simplify the scope, business objectives and requirements as soon as possible.

But, doing too much hurry, we may go in the wrong direction. That might make the project fail.

So, before implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM you have to spend time for analyzing its business value. You have to make sure that you are not making mistakes. To do so, at first you have to be familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have to learn it, capture it and be chime with it.